If we really want to make sure that healthy relationships are being developed, have these social spaces resemble the abandoned early-2000s landscape.

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With the development of online shopping, the once-great mall has found itself as a thing of the past; rather than Gen-Z going to the mall to hang out, it’s become nothing more than an errand run. The death of Mallrats, and mall culture, has caused social media to take over how current youths, myself included, interpret the idea of outside. That’s not to say that outside, pre-pandemic wasn’t a thing but hanging out became a lot more about whatever was Snapchat worthy or whatever video game offered co-op play. However, as an early Gen Zer, I was afforded the luxury…

The movie didn’t just subvert expectations; it also created new ones.

[Credit: Warner Bros]

As legend has it, when I was around two years old, I was already able to place a VHS tape in the player as if I was fully aware of my surroundings. My favorite tape was always Scooby-Doo; no matter the iteration or the time of day, I found myself engrossed with a talking Great Dane and his Mystery solving human friends. And, the older I’ve gotten, my love for the campy franchise hasn’t shifted, even more so I appreciate the live-action adaptation that hit theaters in 2002. It doesn’t seem like I’m the only one either; viral tweets giving…

Corporations’ inclusive gestures aren’t progressive — they’re ploys to incite violence.

Illustration by Matt Wuerker

The supposed announcement that Mr.Potato Head will be changing pronouns and being referred to only as Potato Head has spawned negative responses from conservative groups. The idea of a non-binary Potato Head has sparked conversation around how necessary the gesture is. With the usual buzzwords of snowflakes, woke, and sensitive being thrown around, it is safe to say a non-binary Potato Head did not bring the progressive joy that Hasbro would intend. However, Hasbro never intended to make Mr.Potato Head, or his lovely wife Mrs. Potato Head, non-binary; they…

With women entering the world of anti-heroism, why are Black women still villainized?

L to R; Annaliese Keating (Viola Davis) from How to Get Away with Murder, Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry) from Ginny & Georgia, and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) from Scandal

With the ever-looming myth of “cancel culture” and the genuine desire for diversity in television, it seems that the moral ambiguity in characters is no longer allowed. At the very least, if something intends to give one message and present another perspective, it’s deemed reductive to the plot. This is precisely what has happened in the latest social media battle between Taylor Swift and her fans, The Swifties, against Netflix’s new show Ginny & Georgia. Ginny & Georgia centers itself around a mother and daughter who move…

Ask yourself, “Can my financial gain be achieved through hard work and skill or, is my fate at the mercy of others?”

A Twitter hashtag, #FindSai, shifted from shared panic amongst Twitter circles to locate a young Black trans woman into another intense “dragging.” It was shared on Twitter that Sai was kidnapped and being held hostage in a man’s basement. Naturally, Twitter took it into their own hands to create hashtags and raise awareness, mobilizing their platforms to locate Sai. However, it was later revealed her whereabouts were a scam, that Sai was never in danger; however, the situation did promote Sai’s GoFundMe account, which gained an extra $41,000 following the events. …

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